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CBLDF -Liberty Annual 2014- See Emily and the Strangers excerpt

Is there such a thing as too much imagination? A limit on new ideas?

That's what Emily the Strange and her band mate Willow are told by a fussy visitor in a story that's part of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's and Image Comics' 48-page, all-ages-appropriate "Liberty Annual 2014," which benefits the CBLDF's 1st Amendment work. And don't worry -- the young rock 'n' roll rebels aren't going to stand for that your-thoughts-are-too-unruly business.

"Emily and the Strangers in ... The Idea Factory" has a story by Mariah Huehner ("True Blood: All Together Now") and Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger, with art by Cat Farris -- the same team behind the recent "Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record" miniseries at Dark Horse.

Hero Complex readers can get an early peek at the story in the gallery above or via the links below.

EMILY AND THE STRANGERS Break The Record in Issue 3

Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record #3
The people responsible for the stray cat population explosion have been revealed, but can Emily and the Strangers stop the plot and find homes for these cats? And will they be able to put aside their differences and record an out-of-this-world album, all while playing detective on the kitty case? It's gonna come down to the wire in the rocking conclusion to Breaking the Record!

"This is the Emily we've all been waiting for."-IGN 

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