The list of interviews keeps growing as Emily mysteriously meets up with some of her
favorite artists and musicians. Exclusive new interviews! ESPecially strange!

Chantal Claret Interview
Chantal Claret and Emily meet
at a vintage store in Los Angeles, CA
Karen O Interview
Karen O and Emily hang out together all day at
Traffic School in Comic Book issue # 4!
John Doe Interview
Emily is found lost at a crossroads with
John Doe, of lengedary L.A. punk rock band X
I had a bad, bad feeling about coming here...

Iggy Pop Interview
Emily finds Iggy in his secret recording
basement studio working on Skull Ring!
Do you have nightmares?...
Elvira Interview
Emily and Elvira spend a dark and cloudy evening
on the dark sand beaches of SPUKEE RESORT...
When was the last time you lost your soul?
Ladytron Interview
Emily interviews LADYTRON...
What does 'ESP minus CMYK' mean to you?
Siouxie Interview
Emily meets Siouxsie in a dreamy looking-glass-land!
Do you have any cats?
Dark Horse Comics Interview
DARK HORSE COMICS spends time with Emily...
Emily: Comics are weird. I like weird things.
Emily interviews Money Mark
at Apex Electronics
Gerard Way Interview
Special guest appearance by Gerard Way
of My Chemical Romance!
Pee Wee Martini Interview
Meet the ugliest dog in Emily's world!
Have you always been bald?
Ever since i was a little dog fetus.
Marilyn Manson Interview
Marilyn Manson and Emily hang out in an abandoned Amusement Dark in comic book issue 3!
Two Ton Boa Interview
Then there came a fizzling and sizzling
from across the room...
Do you have any carnivorous plants?
Rasputina Interview

With her Time Out Machine, Emily visits
Melora Creager in 1899!
Any good Voodoo tips to share?
The Damned Interview

Emily interviews THE DAMNED in issue 1
of Emily's strange comic book!
Epiphone Interview
Emily has something to say to EPIPHONE
about guitars and power chords...